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     This site, hegemony press, was built in 2004 when Robert William Hult published a paperback promotional edition of Time Dancer. It was very well received and is still available in the open marketplace.  Since then, the screenplay was written for the film version.  Since then also, the Time Dancer franchise has been established.  There are now six novels in the Time Dancer line with six more to go.  All six are available on this site. This series will include ten books in the series and two companion books.  Two games have also been introduced and are available on this site.  Hegemony Press is presently marketing other novels, screenplays, history books, science books, and other games. 

   Thank you for coming to my site.  These books and games will interest you in some different ways. We will be adding other products as we go along, particularly Spanish editions of these same works, so come back often and enjoy them.  We know we can expand your knowledge and awareness in any number of different directions. 

Robert William Hult,
author and publisher