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Animals Are Escaping Game


     Contestants can play "Animals Are Escaping" without a game board, but they would be missing half the fun.  Also, building the game board is like building a model airplane, because creating the game board is an adventure, a journey all its own.  Creating it is simple though it requires a bit of patience and simple materials that you may already have around the house.  If you don't have them, they are detailed in the instructions.  The pictures provided in the instructions will guide you through the game board development.

     The number of players in the game are only limited by the number of cars that can be placed on the avenues of the game board and as such large or small numbers of people can play.  This can be at home game or a corporate party game, it has this much adaptability and dynamism. So, let's get started and have some fun creating something new and exciting.

     Sometimes the zoo curator needs help, especially when animals are determined to escape.  Your job is to inform the curator which animals are trying to escape.  You do that by sleuthing the animal's behavior and the animal's enclosure.  There are many different kinds of animals in the zoo with many kinds of escape potentials.  There are several parts to each enclosure, any part of which might be getting old or not in place as it should be.  What's the problem?  How can any particular animal escape?  What do you do to recapture it?  You see, there are lots of interesting aspects to this game.