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Biotalk: Animal and Human Communication


To an individual or to a group, information gathering and communication are two of the most important processes on the planet.  Sometimes the two systems are so fast, one cannot distinguish them apart.  Collectively, they are called "Biotalk".

     An adequate superstructure that includes the senses support these processes.  When an individual can perceive singly or a group can perceive collectively allows survival.  But while the senses usually function adequately, they are not designed for overload, nor do they evolve to take in all stimuli from all places.  No, the senses and their supporting structures collect only certain kinds of information and these kinds of data are what the communication of a species is based upon.  There are numerous opportunities for missed information gathering and therefore many kinds of miss-communication.

   This Biotalk study involves not only what information is possible to obtain and what kinds of communication are then possible, it also concerns what information  is not perceived or miss-perceived and what kinds of miss-communications are likely.

   Communication between individuals is just as critical to survival as is information gathering by the individual.  Biotalk has enabled species to evolve to higher and higher planes of existence.  When there is a lack of biotalk, when it is deficited in some way, or when it fails the individual or the group, catastrophe results.