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Cetacean Behavior Lexicon


     The behavior of dolphins, porpoises and whales appeals to a broad range of people.  Since sailing ships, cetaceans, their scientific name,  have provided a multiplex of products for landlubbers and seafarers alike. Since 1935 with the opening of Marine Studios in St. Augustine, Florida, trained dolphins and small whales have delighted audiences with behavior that was never witnessed even by those who made their living from the sea.  Now Sea World and like large oceanariums have opened around the world, delighting much larger audiences.

     Very few people knew the range of body types of cetaceans, and much less about their behavior.  Today, we know there are eight species with a range of intriguing behavior, some of which even after all these years, mystifies us.  There are behaviors common to all the species and species-specific behaviors as well.  This book explores the range of this activity as well as the morphology of individual species.  The majority of these animals have still never seen the inside of an aquarium or oceanarium.