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Chasing Shadows


Currently, this science fiction novel is available only as a CD or a download.

Chasing Shadows is a complex story about the interactions of a President of the United States, Frank Dewey Ryder, an international drug and gun merchant, Craig Pallaccio, and a bottlenose dolphin named Shadow.

Shadow lives in the forward torpedo room of a revamped WWII diesel submarine.  His missions involve surveillance on other submarines.  He has a high-tech. nano-computer embedded in his brain.  The computer breaks down, causing the dolphin to lose track of his submarine home.  He finds comfort at another civilian home, The Dolphin Research Center, in the Florida Keys.  The breakdown of the nanocomputer nearly kills the president and others swimming in both Hawaiian and South Florida waters.  

This is a highly engaging, dramatic story with plot twists and turns unlike any readers have ever before experienced.