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Cruzin' Country Screenplay


     Small bands all over the world compete with their music.  If they are really good, they make enough money to keep traveling.  Even when the band disbands, their best music in one form or another lives on, played and enjoyed generation after generation, enriching everyone's lives.  Rarely does a band allow an inside look into their evolution and success or the lives of their individual members.

     This screenplay is all about making music, making a living at it, and traveling to gigs around the United States.  The funny situations that present themselves form the core of this true story.  The unusual love life of the adaptable and charismatic band leader, Tony, is one of the many side stories.

     How does a band record their music?  This band travels all the way from Washington State to Memphis, Tennessee, to do just that.  Will the band survive the terrible events they take part in?  Can they get the goat out of the shower?  

     The background music for this screenplay is a three CD set recorded by the band from their cross-country tours.