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Dragons are Escaping Game


     The Dragon Master, the person who controls the exhibits at the Dragon Zoo and Lucy, a nervous dragon resident, will provide you some of the information you will need to sleuth which dragons are trying to escape from the Dragon Zoo.  Because some of the dragons are so clever and brave, it will take your best efforts to keep them in their exhibits.  But be careful.  Many of the dragons are so dangerous that it might be you in trouble.  

     It has taken thousands of years to acquire the dragons in the zoo and they have been collected from many galaxies in three different dimensions, so it is a must that they remain where they are.  Do not attempt to place them in other exhibits.  Their exhibits were designed with their special capabilities in mind.

    In the Time Dancer series of books, the Dragon Zoo on the Planet Merazian in the Andromeda Galaxy is operated by the Rendetta family whose crest is intertwining dragons.  Their purpose for maintaining the Dragon Zoo is to research and discover the secrets of dragonids.  There are many such secrets, because the scientific Order of dragons, DRACO, is very large.  Many different kinds of dragons exist and they have filled many different kinds of niches over the hundreds of millions of years that they have been evolving.  The book, DRAGONS OF THE UNIVERSE, also available on this Hegemony Press. org site, written by Neptus Rendetta, the patriarch of the Rendetta famiy, is the current curator of the Dragon Zoo Master.  You will be working with him.  No-one in the galaxy has a finer reputation for dragon catching and for dragon research.  Read his book.  Play the game.  Do something outrageously different in your life.