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IN DEFENSE: Adaptive Survival Behavior


     Organisms that evolve do so under particular pressures from the environment.  If they are social, there are additional stresses. Not every organism does evolve.  When environments change radically in too short a time, some species die out or are exterminated.  Under normal circumstances, the senses of organisms help them to glean the information they need to survive and some creatures adapt better than others to certain niches. We know now from observations and experimentation that most creatures do evolve, especially certain parts of their bodies.  Mutations develop on the DNA level; behavior changes through learning; associations between organisms change and create new opportunities and/or new pressures. Everything affects survival. 

     This study is about what organisms experience through sensory information gathering, how they use what they perceive, and how they defend themselves against the pressures of their environments and against others that would feed upon them.  Downloads are $5.95; CDs are $9.95 plus $6 shipping.