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On The Wing screenplay


     The lives and purposes of detectives and burglars are diametrically opposed.  The first wants to catch the second; the second, during their escapades, need to avoid the first.  When the two meet, inevitably there is friction and more.

     This story is about one such fundamental clash.  Actually, it is about a series of clashes, one more thought-provoking and unique than the next.  The mystery of the story is complicated by the fact that the cat-burglar has a law-respecting twin sister. What is going to win out--respect for the law or blood?  

     When one sister learns that the other is being tracked by a young, handsome detective, the twins turn tables on the detective.  However, the more the cat burglar learns about the detective, the more she falls in love with him.  How could that possibly end, especially when the cat burglar already has a dangerous boyfriend?

     The products of all this chaos are situations resulting into a cop versus crook comedy of epic proportions.  You will love the characters and their precarious lives; you will appreciate their sophistication and the choices they are forced to accept.