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  • Political Bumper Stickers


    We are offering two kinds of political bumper stickers.  We call them "Defeat the Party You Love to Hate" and there is one for democrats (Blue background with with a No Vote elephant in the center) and one for the Republicans (red with a No Vote donkey in the center). These are copyrighted articles.  You see, we don't take sides, we offer both.  Singles are 3.95 each, which includes the cost of mailing anywhere in the USA.  A half dozen (the same or mixed) will cost you $21.  A dozen (the same or mixed) will cost you $39.  We take all forms of credit cards or use paypal.  We also take checks.  Each bumper sticker is 3.75" tall X 15" long. so they are clearly visible from a long distance away.

    Checks will be make payable to hegemony press or last trading post: 1719 S. 87th Tacoma, Wa 98444.  or email me at roberthult@yahoo.com