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Searches, Inc


     Suppose you were a high-tech oriented person and you had a deep yearning for adventure.  What occupation would you pursue to make a decent living?  One likely avenue for your energetic spirit would be to seek important objects lost to history.  Those are the things the team of Searches, Inc. seek out in various sophisticated ways.  They bring knowledge and technology to bear to re-discover what they determine are valuable and important objects that have been lost over the ages.

     Sometimes the Searches, Inc. team hires out to rich patrons, who sponsor their adventure; sometimes they fund their own enterprises.  But whenever they determine to find something, they always prepare in the most meticulous way and bring the item back to their headquarters, no matter how difficult the object was to find and no matter how challenging were the obstacles they needed to conquer.

     The team of Searches, Inc. will seek anything.  It could be in the most remote place; it could be the most alien of objects; it could be the most valuable thing the world has ever known.  Come along, join the quest.  It will certainly be fraught with problems.  It might be so challenging, you will not even make it through the Searches, Inc. adventure.