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Texas Hold'em: Wit and Wisdom


     Texas Hold'em Poker has caught on around the world.  More and more people are drawn to it every year.  In this book, you will find the essentials presented in a funny way.  Although there are more than a hundred poker books, this is the first one that takes a light-hearted approach to the game.  You will find out why people enjoy this unique activity, even if you are not in the one percent of those who make a living at it.

    No matter how professional you are, you will not win all the time, because there is so much luck in any given hand.  But, knowing how to play or to fold is as much a part of the game as learning how to sleuth your opponents. 

    While the majority of this book deals with tournament playing, the essentials of the "round game" or "live game" are also adequately presented. There is no fun or heartbreak in any game comparable to Texas Hold'em Poker.  Read up, feed on the funny illustrations, and enjoy what millions of players do--a game you can not always win, but a game you can always bring your brain and patience to.