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  • Time Dancer 1: Time Dancer and the Potion of Invincibility


    This book is now available as a hardback ($42.95), a softcover ($28.95), an e-book ($3.99), a CD ($14.00), or a download ($14.00).  It is currently now also available in a Spanish edition as a CD ($14.00) and download ($14.00). Shipping applies only to hardbacks, softcovers, or CDs.  The screenplay version is available only to Executive Producers on contract. 

    This is the  highly dramatic, edge of your seat story of a teenager whose family is murdered by a shape-shifter seeking a magic mirror through which he intends to take over Time for his own nefarious purposes.  In order to bring his beloved family back from death, the teenager needs to battle the shape-shifter and reset past time.  To do that, the teenager enlists mentoring of a time dancer--a Fourth Dimension wizard-- to teach the teenager what he must know in order to battle the shape-shifter.  This is "Harry Potterish," but with exquisite twists and  turns.  The basics of the novel are science, mythology, psychology, and animal behavior.