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Time Dancer Adventure Board Game


     The Time Dancer franchise creates opportunities  for enjoyment beyond reading the books.  Eventually, films will be created.  Until then, games have been invented to add to the creative mix.  The Time Dancer Adventure Board Game is one such avenue.  It is a game of battles, bluffs, and hair-raising escapes. 

     The adventures of Bing Brown, as he is mentored by Tammud Tammur on his way to becoming a time dancer, make for an exciting, intriguing and different kind of board game.  Through chance and choice you, as a player, can either follow Bing's successes or plan your own way to becoming a time dancer while you expand your awareness of the physical world.

     Places Bing visits during his adventures are Monopoly-like spaces on the periphery of the game board.  Interior spaces are dominated by beautiful portals in the 3rd and 4th Dimension Time stream, which players can use, with the right dice throw, to get more speedily from location to location.

     Your choices will either benefit your or be to your detriment as you compete against other players as savvy as you are about time dancing and events in the Time Dancer series of books. 

     Come.  Role the right number on a die and hop into a vortex.  See where it leads you.  Do you have what it takes to qualify yourself as a time dancer?  Can you avoid pitfalls and dangerous places by yourself or will you need the help of a mentor like Tammud Tammur?