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Time Dancer and the Potion of Invincibility screenplay


Bing Brown, a Third Dimension teenager, is mentored by a Fourth Dimension time dancing wizard to become the next in a short line of time dancers.  His first duty is to learn how to fight the Fifth Dimension shape-shifter, who killed his family.  The wizard helps aid the boy find seven exotic ingredients to the Potion of Invincibility with a magic mirror that reflects where those ingredients are on Fourth Earth in the Fourth Dimension.  As Bing Brown learns about strange new things completely foreign to him, he learns how to best the necromancing shape-shifter.  This story is remarkable in its creativity, originality and story telling.  It is a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-don't-fall-off adventure that will have you wondering what will happen at every turn.  The reviews for the book are compelling.  This is sure to be a best seller, not only as a book, but as a film.