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     Yeti, in this story, is the name of the central character. A store owner finds a  wounded creature that he rescues from the wild. It is brought back to health. In the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, this snow-loving creature is called a "Yeti."  In the Pacific Northwest of the United States, the same animal, is called "Bigfoot," "Sasquatch," or "Wild Man."  In the Southwest, it is called "The Skunk Ape."

     Legends of these creatures go as far back as the very real existence of Gigantica pithecus, a giant creature at least eight feet tall and taller, which lived in human prehistory.  While he was living, other creatures, still living today, were also very large, and must have presented their own challenges to these giants.

      To this date, unlike for Gigantica pithecus, no skeletons have been found, no hair or fecal matter has been retrieved, despite the fact that people see Bigfoots from time to time on wilderness adventures.  Footprints are the only tangible evidence, so far, that these creatures even exist.  Yeti is the story of one fictional experience.